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Bankruptcy and debt relief can be an emotionally charged and intensely confusing area of law, full of questions and misconceptions.

It's important to understand that in many circumstances it's not the fault of the debtor when bankruptcy is filed - it's not a coincidence that over 50 percent of bankruptcies filed are a result of unforeseen medical emergencies. Due to the current economy, millions of people are in a precarious position and unexpected bad luck sends them spiraling into the red with no way out. Fortunately, bankruptcy and other debt relief measures exist to reclaim life from burdensome debt.

While these legal measures exist, it's important that those who are considering filing work with an attorney who will explain what can be done, investigate the ideal way to move forward, show its impacts, and define what debt is and is not dischargeable. Detroit Chapter 7 Filing Lawyer

Southfield Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

In addition to bringing our experience, we strive to use a personal approach marked by compassion and empathy. We know how debt arises and we're committed to deeply understanding our clients so that we can arrive at an ideal resolution based on their unique scenario.

Detroit Chapter 7 Attorney

We have nearly three decades of experience in Southfield, Michigan, bankruptcy law, and we're ready to bring our experience and comprehensive knowledge to help clients with:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing
  • Stopping creditor harassment
  • Debt settlements
  • Financial crisis management
  • Home loan modification
  • IRS tax debt

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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