Stop Foreclosure Attorney

Stop Foreclosures

As with other stressful aspects of unmanageable debt, the emotions that run with the prospect of losing your home can be extremely acute.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances that are beyond their control, individuals and families find themselves in difficult positions where the prospect of foreclosure looms large.

Keep Home in Bankruptcy

By filing bankruptcy, however, individuals can put a stop to prospects of foreclosure. Putting one's house into a bankruptcy plan can temporarily stop the foreclosure proceedings, and depending on the specifics and details of how the filing is pursued, allow for payments at a reduced and affordable amount.

The key, however, is to expertly file in order to ensure ideal outcomes.

Competent and experienced attorneys can provide that comprehensive knowledge.

Detroit Prevent Foreclosure Lawyer

With nearly three decades of experience practicing bankruptcy and debt management law, we at the Lefkowitz Law Group are ready and willing to bring our experience and comprehensive knowledge to your filing to help you keep your home and gain a new lease on your financial life. We understand the sentimental value that houses have and are committed to bringing our compassion to help.

With an automatic stay, we will immediately stop the foreclosure proceedings and work with your bankruptcy details and specifics to arrive at an ideal outcome. It's important, however, to work deliberately and decisively.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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