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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If home ownership is involved or a vehicle is fully owned, this asset may be put into jeopardy if a Chapter 7 filing is pursued - a Chapter 13 filing is usually a much better alternative.

In Chapter 13, debtors are able to consolidate and manage debts by paying them off over a three- to five-year period. It can also halt foreclosures. Chapter 13 filing, however, is much more complex than Chapter 7 and there are several eligibility qualifications that need to be met. In fact, the details can be so complex that many firms will outsource the process, resulting in clients being left in the dark with their own filings. This is a completely ineffective approach when trying to come to an optimal decision with regard to payment plans.

Because of the issues involved and what's at stake, it's important to partner with a dedicated and experienced Michigan attorney to arrive at an ideal resolution.

For nearly 30 years, we have been bringing our core competency in bankruptcy law to compassionately and efficiently help our clients with the complexities of Chapter 13 filing.

As Southfield Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers, we're able to assist with nearly any issue of filing, including debt reorganization and paying priority creditors (the IRS and child support, among others) as well as organization payments of unsecured debt and following up on confirmations. Unlike firms for which bankruptcy is not the sole competency, we continually monitor and check in with each case every six months to ensure the payment plan is complete. If this type of personal and proactive approach isn't followed, the filing may end up in jeopardy. This is why we make it a priority. We're ready to take this approach when we work for you.

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